Compassion Sunday

Sorry about the lack of posts… I’m not sure why but I haven’t been blogging much lately. I have the next week off so maybe I will blog more?

We held Compassion Sunday at my church 3 weeks ago and I’ve had a table out with sponsorship packets for the 2 Sundays following. Eight children got sponsored and some others took packets home to fill out and mail in themselves. One person told me that they already mailed it in so that’s at least nine children sponsored. Awesome!!!

Husband and I also volunteered for Compassion at the Global Leadership Summit a few weeks ago. Eight children got sponsored over 2 days. That was awesome too!

Oh, I got a new job! Which is why I have the next week off. I am still with the same company but I just have a different position in a different location. I have been working in Oakland for the past 10 years but I will be at Vallejo starting next Tuesday. My work gave me a $200 gift certificate to a spa so I will be enjoying that this week.

A couple weeks ago, we had the leadership retreat at our church. It was great to hear about how God has been working in people’s lives. I wish I was able to get more of that on a regular basis. Husband shared how God had been working in our lives. A lot of people came up to me afterwards and told me that they were encouraged by the sharing. I’m so proud of my husband for having the courage to share what he shared!



This past Monday, I participated in a craft event at work and I raised over 300 dollars for Compassion! I am so excited. I have to do the final calculations but yeah… I am super duper excited.

I thought about doing a jewelry party at my house this year for the holidays but I didn’t get my act together fast enough so… I may do one in time for V day or something. =)

I took down a lot of orders and I have to make all the stuff now so… I’ll be signing off now. =) Here is one picture of some of my stuff…

Small difference at work

So… I had a really unusual thing happen at work today. A co-worker emailed me asking for something. I told her where she could find the information. She said she needed more instructions. I gave her said instructions. Then she replied and said something like it’s hard for her to get what she needed. She replied and said that I was “uncooperative” and “reluctant” and “resistant” and all these words, she used to describe our interaction. I was totally flabbergasted. It totally came from nowhere. I said I am happy to show her how and when is she available to meet? She replied and said she figured it all out but that this could have been done in two emails instead of six.

She also cc:ed my boss in all the emails, starting with the original request.

I am hoping that on Monday, my boss will let me know that I didn’t do anything deserving of those words. She was way out of line. We rarely even work together and for her to say those things to me over something SO trivial makes me think that it’s her, not me.

It took sheer will for me to not obsess over this all night. My kids helped do that. Thanks kids!

Looking inwardly, I actually don’t really like her as a colleagues because I heard some shady things about her. But I have never let this be known to anyone. I didn’t go out of my way to be nice to her but like I said, we don’t really work that much together.

I don’t know if this pertains to this blog but I just had to get this out there…. put it in my God box since there is nothing I can do, except pray about this.


Husband got a job! Yay! I’m really amazed at how God orchestrated all of this. Mostly a calm time for me and hubs definitely seemed to have learned some lessons. I should write letters to our sponsor kids so they know!  =) And since the new Compassion letter writing thing is SO AWESOME, I am sure I will be way more motivated to write my sponsor kids. You can attach electronic pictures! Yay! I felt guilty for not sending enough pics before. And there are cute stationary I can pick from… so cool.

Got three (THREE!) letters from our boy sponsee John Carlos today. He lives in the Philippines and he is trying to get into the University of Philippines which is the top university. I hope he can achieve his dreams.. but that he doesn’t get discouraged if he doesn’t get in.

Oh, big news. We moved churches. More about that later.