Yesterday, I had an amazing opportunity. Let me go back to last week to tell the story.

Last week, I had a horrible experience at work. An important person put me on the spot at a big-wig meeting. I felt humiliated, angry, scared, and useless. Bad things to be feeling at work. I got home and sobbed. In front of my children and husband. It didn’t help that the baby was projectile vomiting and that I am facing some hard challenges in my marriage. I hadn’t slept well for a week. I almost always sleep well and have never had insomnia. So, that was very unusual for me.

Anyway, I was very disturbed by the experience and was viscerally afraid of this important person. I tried to put it behind me and wrote the person an email. I said that I regretted our interaction. I admitted I was not my best self. I also expressed my hope for a better working relationship. The person emailed back and said to not worry about it, that we’ll get the project done perfectly and that we will do it very quickly. Interesting, huh?

So, how does this relate to the amazing opportunity? Well, yesterday, I had a meeting with another important person. She is not the same person, but just as important. We were making small talk and she started telling me about her weekend and how she was trying to help her friend. As we talked, she asked me if I had any experience with similar problems. I was able to share my experience, strength, and hope with her. She was SO grateful. She said that the meeting was like orchestrated by God. I completely agreed. The work-related conversations also went very smoothly. I felt validated, valued, and appreciated. I felt useful.

Both experiences just came my way. I don’t think I could have prevented or predicted either. But I am glad that I was not so embittered by the first experience, that I kept my heart open and could be of service to this other important person. I thank God for the opportunity. =)