Letter from my compassion child.

I got a letter from Rizel recently. She described her father’s recent 66th birthday and how the whole family had a lot of fun. Her father even is cutting down on alcohol and such. But her mom had an asthma attack that same night and had to be hospitalized. She said that she was still in the hospital, diagnosed with an enlarged heart. I think she may be describing congestive heart failure.

My son has asthma. He’s had a cold lately so he’s been really congested. Thankfully, he is on preventive meds and he hasn’t had an attack or flare up this winter season. Last year was misery. We took him to the doctor probably like 5 times. Once to the ER (thanks babe!). I seriously am so thankful to modern medicine that helps my son breath.

I can’t imagine what it would be like to be unable to do anything as your loved one is gasping for breath and throwing up next to you. When their lips start turning blue, what are the thoughts that race through a person’s mind?



I watched a testimony by a famous Korean actor the other day. His name is Cha In Pyo and he was the lead actor in a move called Crossing. It’s about a family in North Korea, trying to survive. In the testimony he describes how the movie was a flop. The movie cost more than it made and won no major awards. After the movie was all done and it was clear that it was not a “success” in worldly terms, Cha had to ask God, “What was that all about?”

Why did you lead me to in this movie Lord?

Why did you let this movie fail Lord?

Why is nothing happening as a result of this movie Lord?

What was the point when no one even cares about the suffering of people in North Korea? No one knows about how much they are suffering.

God replied, “At least now, you know. You know now the pain that’s in my heart.”


This has been on my mind.



Husband got a job! Yay! I’m really amazed at how God orchestrated all of this. Mostly a calm time for me and hubs definitely seemed to have learned some lessons. I should write letters to our sponsor kids so they know!  =) And since the new Compassion letter writing thing is SO AWESOME, I am sure I will be way more motivated to write my sponsor kids. You can attach electronic pictures! Yay! I felt guilty for not sending enough pics before. And there are cute stationary I can pick from… so cool.

Got three (THREE!) letters from our boy sponsee John Carlos today. He lives in the Philippines and he is trying to get into the University of Philippines which is the top university. I hope he can achieve his dreams.. but that he doesn’t get discouraged if he doesn’t get in.

Oh, big news. We moved churches. More about that later.

Three letters

I wrote three letters, one to each sponsored kid today. I wanted to share the news about the husband’s job (he got laid off) and also, I just haven’t written them for a couple of months and the guilt was building up. I reassured all of them that we will continue to sponsor them and to not worry. I did ask for their prayers though.

I found myself ignoring my baby as I tried to write the letters and then type them up. (I like to keep a record of what I sent.) I felt bad about it… I was trying to get the letter out before the postman came… but then I realized that today is a holiday and I didn’t need to rush. Once again, a reminder to ruthlessly eliminate hurry. Really, would it have killed me to stop for a little while and finish when the kids were in bed? Like now? Ok, enough beating myself up.

I put an announcement on the etsy shop that the “most of the profits going to Compassion” is temporarily on hold… but I feel like God is calling me to continue to donate the money. I mean really, if I only give in times of certainty, where is the faith in that?

$38 per child is not really that much. I am still inspired by a commenter on Compassion blog who said her family sponsors four children and they fast one night a week to pay for that sponsorship.

I also ordered a packet to do a Compassion Sunday event in the Fall/Winter at my church. I’ve done it for two years now and every time, it’s amazing to see people pick up packets.

Oh, and if you are in the Bay Area, you can buy my jewelry at Jenny K in El Cerrito. Profits go to Compassion.

Another letter

Got another letter from Rizel the other day. She took one of the pictures that I gave her, a family picture and drew a picture from it. It is so beautiful.

On a related note, a local gift shop might start carrying my jewelry! I am so excited for this opportunity. Yay! More $ for Compassion!

Sponsee letter

Today, I got the most gut-wrenching letter from my sponsor child. She told me the story of how her father became disabled. I had asked her in my previous letter because she mentioned that her father is disabled.

(Warning, this is not for the queasy.)



Long story short, he was working as a logger for a big company when he got attacked by a terrorist/guerilla group. Him, along with all the other corpses, were found four days after the attack. They were working at a remote place. When he was found, they thought he was dead. All the others were dead. He had kept himself alive by drinking the blood pouring out of the dead bodies.

He was treated for his wounds but he remains disabled by the gun shots. He self medicates with alcohol.

I read a book recently, a novel, that talks about cannibalism. I didn’t know what to do with the information. I think, somehow, it prepared me to read this information from my sponsor child’s letter. How strange that a similar scene would unfold before me as a real story.

I had an urge to send a family gift today, before I got the letter, because I know her mother suffers from asthma. I asked for the gift to be spend for mom’s medication and school supplies. It was strange to get her letter, and to hear her mention a recent severe attack that her mom had. I hope the money gets to her in time before another severe attack. My son has mild asthma. It’s a helpless feeling, to know that a human being, your beloved, is not able to get enough oxygen and struggling to breath.


God, let me be a light, in this dark world. Let me be an instrument of your hope.


Last night, I had a small letter writing party. A friend and I sat at the table, after we filled our tummies with spaghetti, and wrote letters. She just recently started sponsoring a girl from the Philippines… from one of the child development centers that we visited on the trip!  I thought that I could recognize her face… but I could not be sure.

I got out my box of Korean stationary. I wrote a letter to one of the other sponsors that we met during the trip, and a letter to our sponsor child in Ecuador. I still need to write to our new sponsored child John. We just got a letter from him that was so super sweet. He considers himself a prayer warrier. How amazing to hear that from him. He said that he stopped school but that he plans to return. He wants to be a pastor!

I am excited about a craft fair that I’ll be participating in next week. I’ll be selling my jewelry and hope to raise a lot of money for Compassion children. =)

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving Day.

letter from my sponsored child

I got my first letter from Rizel today. The first one that was written after our meeting. Here it is:

Dear Older Sister Mary Choi,

“If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes.” Mark 9:23

First of all I would like to say gam sah ham ni da (thank you in Korean) for our bonding and at the same time visiting our place with your husband. Kuya (brother) Jin was so god and generous as well as you. Sorry if my english sometimes was not so good because at that moment, I can’t believed that we had our conversation in personal. Until now, I can still remember the low tune of your voice, your radiant and awesome beauty and the tenderness of your heart. I really miss you. I am lucky that you’ve been part of my life. You know what? August 7 was my best and worst day because when we said goodbye and separated to each other, I felt that I am broke and empty. I cry most of the time, especially when I reminisced those times we spent happily together.

Anyway, you told me that your favorite sport was swimming. Aside from it, do you have other favorite sports?

About the question of your letter last June 15, what do I want after schooling? I want to go to abroad to find a good job so that I could help my parents especially my younger sister. Because on that time, she will be graduating in high school And I am going to finance all of her expenses at school in God’s will.

Please pray for me that I could have good grades at school and also our health condition.

I always pray for you and your family. I miss you so much. T.T

Hope we will see each other again soon…

Your sister in Christ,