Perfect Jewelry

God gave me this ability to create some cute pieces of jewelry. I dunno how. I just learned how to do a couple of things from my friends and the craft took off like a rocket. At first, I felt guilty because I was spending a lot of money on the beads and supplies but then I realized that I could use it to raise money for charities and to spread the word about charities that were important to me.

If it’s not clear by now, Compassion is my #1 charity. I don’t even really think of it as charity. Since that word has a lot of bad connotations nowadays (that’s a different topic).

Somehow, after the Philippines trip, God has blessed my little etsy shop and I’ve sold more than I have before. It’s still not tons but I have raised about $50 for Compassion from the etsy site alone. I also made some other sales too so in the past month, I raised about $150 for Compassion. Just today, I got a custom order for bracelets that’ll raise about $40 more! ¬†WOO HOO.