A Small Act

Just finished watching this awesome documentary on HBO On Demand. My intentions for watching this was not ideal. I mainly wanted to distract myself from emotional pain. Despite my impure intentions, I really enjoyed this film.

It’s about a Kenyan boy who was sponsored by a Swedish woman to help him continue his education. He ended up going to university and then to Harvard for a masters. Currently he works for the UN. The woman, it turns out, is a Holocaust Survivor and has no husband or children. They meet for the first time when she is like 80. The boy, now a man, starts a foundation to help kids who were like him. The documentary shows three children who strive to get the scholarship offered by that foundation. One is accepted, but the other two are later sponsored by the producers of the documentary.

I love love love this story. The woman only paid like $15 per month to sponsor this child. She actually couldn’t even remember how much she paid… it was so long ago and also it shows me what an insignificant thing our money becomes as we grow older.

Anyway, I just wanted to share it with you. I hope it brings you hope and encourages you to do ONE small act today.