Back from a mini vacay

Family took a little vacation to SoCal this past weekend. We had lots of fun but I am kind of tired now. I’m so glad that the cleaners are coming tomorrow.

We had lunch with my dad when we got there, and then dinner with him right before coming back. I’m not sure if having dinner with him is a good idea anymore. At least during lunch, he drinks but doesn’t get belligerent. During dinner, he got pretty faded and started nagging me. I hate when he nags me. Mostly because it’s the same stuff over and over again… just like drunks do.

One thing he said kind of hurt my feelings. He said if I don’t teach my kids Korean, don’t even bother bringing them to see him anymore. I know he was drunk but it doesn’t really make me feel better to know this. Anyway, I have been trying recently to let my children see their grandfather more… but maybe that’s not such a good idea. I mean, unless he gets sober, what really is the point? To make my dad feel less lonely? I doubt a few hours of face time with his kids will do that. And if he really wants, he can come up here anytime.

Anyway, I have very mixed feelings about all this right now.. but I just wanted to write it all down.


Small difference at work

So… I had a really unusual thing happen at work today. A co-worker emailed me asking for something. I told her where she could find the information. She said she needed more instructions. I gave her said instructions. Then she replied and said something like it’s hard for her to get what she needed. She replied and said that I was “uncooperative” and “reluctant” and “resistant” and all these words, she used to describe our interaction. I was totally flabbergasted. It totally came from nowhere. I said I am happy to show her how and when is she available to meet? She replied and said she figured it all out but that this could have been done in two emails instead of six.

She also cc:ed my boss in all the emails, starting with the original request.

I am hoping that on Monday, my boss will let me know that I didn’t do anything deserving of those words. She was way out of line. We rarely even work together and for her to say those things to me over something SO trivial makes me think that it’s her, not me.

It took sheer will for me to not obsess over this all night. My kids helped do that. Thanks kids!

Looking inwardly, I actually don’t really like her as a colleagues because I heard some shady things about her. But I have never let this be known to anyone. I didn’t go out of my way to be nice to her but like I said, we don’t really work that much together.

I don’t know if this pertains to this blog but I just had to get this out there…. put it in my God box since there is nothing I can do, except pray about this.

Three letters

I wrote three letters, one to each sponsored kid today. I wanted to share the news about the husband’s job (he got laid off) and also, I just haven’t written them for a couple of months and the guilt was building up. I reassured all of them that we will continue to sponsor them and to not worry. I did ask for their prayers though.

I found myself ignoring my baby as I tried to write the letters and then type them up. (I like to keep a record of what I sent.) I felt bad about it… I was trying to get the letter out before the postman came… but then I realized that today is a holiday and I didn’t need to rush. Once again, a reminder to ruthlessly eliminate hurry. Really, would it have killed me to stop for a little while and finish when the kids were in bed? Like now? Ok, enough beating myself up.

I put an announcement on the etsy shop that the “most of the profits going to Compassion” is temporarily on hold… but I feel like God is calling me to continue to donate the money. I mean really, if I only give in times of certainty, where is the faith in that?

$38 per child is not really that much. I am still inspired by a commenter on Compassion blog who said her family sponsors four children and they fast one night a week to pay for that sponsorship.

I also ordered a packet to do a Compassion Sunday event in the Fall/Winter at my church. I’ve done it for two years now and every time, it’s amazing to see people pick up packets.

Oh, and if you are in the Bay Area, you can buy my jewelry at Jenny K in El Cerrito. Profits go to Compassion.

Holiday craft fair

I participated in a craft fair for my old old department and made about $150 to donate to children through Compassion. Yay! It was great to see old faces and reconnect with people.

The day started out terribly. I got there late and had the worst time finding parking. And it was raining. Everything went wrong. I tried to unload things from my car but I couldn’t get it and it was just horrible. I felt so bad, I almost left. When I got to the room, there was a table at the corner, almost covered by everyone else around it. I was like, “Is that my table?” The lady next to me kindly offered to scoot her table over. I left my things to move my car… but on the elevator ride down, I seriously contemplated whether I wanted to do this or not… I mean, I had to take PTO and sit there all day. Then I remembered that I was not there for myself to have a good time. I decided to do it, even thought I was having a crappy day. From that moment on, everything went kind of smoothly. The parking guy let me park the car in the lot, at a space that wasn’t really a designated spot. It was super duper nice of him. Did I mention it was raining? I took it as a sign that I had decided on the right path.

After I parked the car and got back up to the room, I felt much better and started my set up. I don’t know why the set up always takes so long. Anyway, I saw my old boss and others… it was really great. It lasted about four hours and the time flew by. I chatted with the customers and told everyone that the profits were donated to charity. I had forgotten to bring my little sign and also a mirror but it all worked out.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a great New Year’s Day and New Year’s eve.