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Hi! I’m Mary. This blog is about how I try to make a small difference in the world, while living a “normal” life.

The more I learned about poverty and social justice, the more I felt like I had to do something. But for me, that “something” was, and is, hard to identify. In 2010, after a trip to the Philippines and seeing  poverty first hand, I decided to start this blog to motivate myself and also to document my internal struggles. I also blog about regular life.

Thank you for visiting! I also blog at Kimchi Mamas. I make and sell beautiful jewelry (hand made in my home) to raise money for children living in poverty here.


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  1. Kerry A
    Aug 19, 2010 @ 15:24:30

    Mary & Jin,
    You guys rock my face off (I have no idea what that means but my kids say it to people they really, really like!)


    • hotsaucemama
      Aug 19, 2010 @ 22:57:23

      Thanks Kerry! But this is just my blog. =) Jin has his own personal blog elsewhere. Hope you’re doing awesome!


  2. Nancy
    Mar 31, 2013 @ 01:05:14

    Hey Mary,

    I recently discovered Kimchimamas and am more happy than I can express to have found a group of Korean American women bloggers. I have been so excited that I have been reading as many I could on the site.

    I love the title of your blog and the intention that I feel from it. As I was reading it I realized you live in the Bay area. I live in San Francisco. I am a blogger as well and I too believe as you do that life is making a difference while practicing self growth every day(that’s the feeling I get about you).

    We just keep trying and that itself creates beauty no matter how perfect or imperfect we are. In the end we are just perfect, just what we should be.


    • hotsaucemama
      Mar 31, 2013 @ 18:56:14

      Hi Nancy! Welcome to small difference. I’m so glad that you like Kimchi Mamas and my little blog here. I remember discovering kimchi mamas several years back and reading all the posts! Glad to hear that you are local here too! That’s so awesome. I love the bay area. There are a few devoted readers who live in s.f. too. =) “See” you around! And thank you for visiting my blog. =)


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