I have a sister. She is 12.5 months older than me. We don’t talk much. Actually, we don’t talk at all. For the past 7 years, we have only talked a few times. I can count them in one hand.

Whenever ppl talk about sisterhood, and the bond that only sisters have,  I cringe a little inside. I berate myself for not being that sister to my sister. I then immediately justify myself to myself and tell myself that it’s all her fault for being such a b*tch. I’m sure, deep inside, she is not one. But she sure has acted like one in certain circumstances in the past.

Last night, I had dinner with three women friends from my small group. It was the first one and we plan on having it monthly.

It fed my soul.

It fed my soul.

I never felt like that with a group of women before.

The conversation never stopped. The food was fabulous. We talked about everything from breastfeeding to claustrophobia to backpacking across Europe and composting. I felt like one of the girls in Sex and the City. One of the four. (No, we did not talk about sex.)

I am so thankful to my “sisters” for last night. I ended up staying up until midnight to finish a work project but it was worth every minute. Every. Minute.

mood: grateful



Our home got broken into last week. While we were at work/school, around 10 AM, the thieves took our computer, the x box and my jewelry.

I just finished making the list for the police report and insurance claim.

I thank the bank that they make us get home owner’s insurance. I hope the claims process isn’t too painful.

Things have been going really well. And although this bump in the road seemed like a bad thing, I’m actually not too bothered by it. Of course, it’s annoying and time consuming to deal with this. And costly. But all in all, it hasn’t disturbed my serenity or happiness too much.

I am thankful for the reminder to not be possessed by my possessions. That this world is not my home. That stuff is just stuff. That fleeting memories will be 100% accurately remembered in heaven (that’s a reference to the photos and videos of the children that are lost along with the computer).

The husband and I have been saying that we made an unplanned contribution to a disreputable charity.

I’m so over it.

Goin’ on with my life.