One Word Theme for the Year

Last year, my word for the year was “not-judging.” That was the year I found Al-anon and I learned a whole lot about not judging in al-anon meetings. I learned that I have a whole lot of judgement towards others. A WHOLE lot. Every time I criticize someone, I am judging them and thinking that I am better than them. I try to remind myself that everyone is trying to do the best they can and that no one needs to be reminded how screwed up they are. We all are. Screwed up that is. I have especially a hard time not judging my husband. I think I know him so well… but the truth is that I don’t know what he is thinking all the time. I don’t know all of the experiences he’s had… and on top of that, he is a different person. So yeah, no judging husband either.

This year, my word for the year was love. I have to be honest, even after a year of thinking about this word, I don’t know much about love. Most of the time, I don’t know what it means to be loved, or to love someone else. I know that I am loved. And I know that I love others… but I can’t quite put my finger on it. I told my kids that love is hugs and kisses… and I think that captures the gist of it.

I am wondering what I should choose for as my theme word for 2012. I’ve been thinking about humility. That would be a good one. Goes well with not-judging, does it? And with LOVE! Maybe I will get some more insights into what my word should be in the next couple of weeks.




Back from a mini vacay

Family took a little vacation to SoCal this past weekend. We had lots of fun but I am kind of tired now. I’m so glad that the cleaners are coming tomorrow.

We had lunch with my dad when we got there, and then dinner with him right before coming back. I’m not sure if having dinner with him is a good idea anymore. At least during lunch, he drinks but doesn’t get belligerent. During dinner, he got pretty faded and started nagging me. I hate when he nags me. Mostly because it’s the same stuff over and over again… just like drunks do.

One thing he said kind of hurt my feelings. He said if I don’t teach my kids Korean, don’t even bother bringing them to see him anymore. I know he was drunk but it doesn’t really make me feel better to know this. Anyway, I have been trying recently to let my children see their grandfather more… but maybe that’s not such a good idea. I mean, unless he gets sober, what really is the point? To make my dad feel less lonely? I doubt a few hours of face time with his kids will do that. And if he really wants, he can come up here anytime.

Anyway, I have very mixed feelings about all this right now.. but I just wanted to write it all down.


This past Monday, I participated in a craft event at work and I raised over 300 dollars for Compassion! I am so excited. I have to do the final calculations but yeah… I am super duper excited.

I thought about doing a jewelry party at my house this year for the holidays but I didn’t get my act together fast enough so… I may do one in time for V day or something. =)

I took down a lot of orders and I have to make all the stuff now so… I’ll be signing off now. =) Here is one picture of some of my stuff…