Letter from my compassion child.

I got a letter from Rizel recently. She described her father’s recent 66th birthday and how the whole family had a lot of fun. Her father even is cutting down on alcohol and such. But her mom had an asthma attack that same night and had to be hospitalized. She said that she was still in the hospital, diagnosed with an enlarged heart. I think she may be describing congestive heart failure.

My son has asthma. He’s had a cold lately so he’s been really congested. Thankfully, he is on preventive meds and he hasn’t had an attack or flare up this winter season. Last year was misery. We took him to the doctor probably like 5 times. Once to the ER (thanks babe!). I seriously am so thankful to modern medicine that helps my son breath.

I can’t imagine what it would be like to be unable to do anything as your loved one is gasping for breath and throwing up next to you. When their lips start turning blue, what are the thoughts that race through a person’s mind?



I watched a testimony by a famous Korean actor the other day. His name is Cha In Pyo and he was the lead actor in a move called Crossing. It’s about a family in North Korea, trying to survive. In the testimony he describes how the movie was a flop. The movie cost more than it made and won no major awards. After the movie was all done and it was clear that it was not a “success” in worldly terms, Cha had to ask God, “What was that all about?”

Why did you lead me to in this movie Lord?

Why did you let this movie fail Lord?

Why is nothing happening as a result of this movie Lord?

What was the point when no one even cares about the suffering of people in North Korea? No one knows about how much they are suffering.

God replied, “At least now, you know. You know now the pain that’s in my heart.”


This has been on my mind.