Husband got a job! Yay! I’m really amazed at how God orchestrated all of this. Mostly a calm time for me and hubs definitely seemed to have learned some lessons. I should write letters to our sponsor kids so they know!  =) And since the new Compassion letter writing thing is SO AWESOME, I am sure I will be way more motivated to write my sponsor kids. You can attach electronic pictures! Yay! I felt guilty for not sending enough pics before. And there are cute stationary I can pick from… so cool.

Got three (THREE!) letters from our boy sponsee John Carlos today. He lives in the Philippines and he is trying to get into the University of Philippines which is the top university. I hope he can achieve his dreams.. but that he doesn’t get discouraged if he doesn’t get in.

Oh, big news. We moved churches. More about that later.


Three letters

I wrote three letters, one to each sponsored kid today. I wanted to share the news about the husband’s job (he got laid off) and also, I just haven’t written them for a couple of months and the guilt was building up. I reassured all of them that we will continue to sponsor them and to not worry. I did ask for their prayers though.

I found myself ignoring my baby as I tried to write the letters and then type them up. (I like to keep a record of what I sent.) I felt bad about it… I was trying to get the letter out before the postman came… but then I realized that today is a holiday and I didn’t need to rush. Once again, a reminder to ruthlessly eliminate hurry. Really, would it have killed me to stop for a little while and finish when the kids were in bed? Like now? Ok, enough beating myself up.

I put an announcement on the etsy shop that the “most of the profits going to Compassion” is temporarily on hold… but I feel like God is calling me to continue to donate the money. I mean really, if I only give in times of certainty, where is the faith in that?

$38 per child is not really that much. I am still inspired by a commenter on Compassion blog who said her family sponsors four children and they fast one night a week to pay for that sponsorship.

I also ordered a packet to do a Compassion Sunday event in the Fall/Winter at my church. I’ve done it for two years now and every time, it’s amazing to see people pick up packets.

Oh, and if you are in the Bay Area, you can buy my jewelry at Jenny K in El Cerrito. Profits go to Compassion.