today’s events

Today, I took a mental healthy day off from work. I am thankful that I could do so. I had breakfast at a local diner-like place. I got a table and started applying make-up. The lady on the table next to me was reading her paper and finishing her food. She commented about how it was not right for people to talk about pee or to put on make up in a public place. She said many sentences about how she was displease.

I asked her if my applying make up was bothering her. She said more things. I asked if she is sensitive to scents. She said she was and said that it didn’t seem like I cared since I was now applying my make up “aggressively.” She said that I was rude for doing this. I asked her if she could please stop talking to me. She said again that it’s not right for me to put on my make-up in a restaurant. She said that even though I was smiling, that I was being aggressive and rude and impolite. She asked if there was anyone else in the place that was putting on their make-up. I ignored her.

She left. The people to the right of her looked at me and said they didn’t know why she felt the need to listen in and comment on their conversation. I took that to mean that they were the ones who talked about pee. The waitresses stopped by. They told me she was rude and was having a “bad day” because she did not get the type of pastry she wanted. My waitress commented that she should get up earlier if she wants a particular pastry.

I thought all of this was rather hilarious and sad. I did not take it personally, although I could easily have. Multiple times, I wanted to tell her off and yell at her. Reciprocate her rudeness with my own rudeness but I kept my smile on my face and used my please and thank you. Many snide remarks came to my brain, but I did not let them come out of my mouth.


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