Last night, I had a small letter writing party. A friend and I sat at the table, after we filled our tummies with spaghetti, and wrote letters. She just recently started sponsoring a girl from the Philippines… from one of the child development centers that we visited on the trip!  I thought that I could recognize her face… but I could not be sure.

I got out my box of Korean stationary. I wrote a letter to one of the other sponsors that we met during the trip, and a letter to our sponsor child in Ecuador. I still need to write to our new sponsored child John. We just got a letter from him that was so super sweet. He considers himself a prayer warrier. How amazing to hear that from him. He said that he stopped school but that he plans to return. He wants to be a pastor!

I am excited about a craft fair that I’ll be participating in next week. I’ll be selling my jewelry and hope to raise a lot of money for Compassion children. =)

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving Day.


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