It’s the thought that counts?

“It’s the thought that counts.”

I heard this so often that I believed it… it sounds so nice and fluffy… and is such a convenient excuse for laziness, disorganization, general chaos, and skewed priorities. Now when I hear this expression, my next thought is “No, not really. It’s actually actions that count.” Even words are better than thoughts… at least with words, you are actually moving your mouth.

I like to fancy myself a thoughtful, considerate, thankful and all around good human being. A person who willingly shares the blessings that she has received and who gives back more than she takes. But what if all I had were “good intentions” or “well wishes” for my fellow human kind but didn’t do one thing to act on those intentions? Does that make me a better person than someone who hates others and is filled with bitternes and resentment? In the end, no.

Harsh? Maybe… but those are my thoughts right now…


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  1. Jomama
    Nov 12, 2010 @ 11:16:31

    I agree with you. Thinking good thoughts is only marginally better than thinking bad thoughts, if no action comes from either one. It’s DOING good that matters, not just thinking it. The poor cannot live on our well wishes–gotta fork over some cash.

    I wish I could DO more than just write a check, but with my life as it is now, working and raising kids, that is about all. I hope to DO more good when my children are grown–volunteer instead of just fundraising. Until then, writing a check eases some of the guilt.


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